Monster Musume no Oisha-san

Monster Girl Doctor, The doctor for monster girls., モンスター娘のお医者さん (2020)

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  • Publish date: 25/06/2020
  • Length: ??
  • Author: N/A
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  • Release year: 2020

Movie detail

* Based on a fantasy light novel series written by Origuchi Yoshino and illustrated by Z Ton.In the town of Lindworm where monsters and humans coexist, Dr. Glenn runs an exemplary medical clinic for monster girls with his lamia assistant, Sapphee. Whether receiving a marriage proposal by a centaur injured in battle, palpating the injury of a mermaid, or suturing the delicate wounds of a flesh golem, Dr. Glenn performs his job with grace and confidence. But when an unsavory character seeks to steal a harpy egg, how will the unflappable Dr. Glenn respond...?

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